The Tek Doktor

Online and Onsite

Mac and Windows Mentorship

Data recovery, networking, email archiving, system clean up, system rebuilds, repair, and back ups.

Online and Onsite Network and User Mentorship

Pleasurable training in your own home on your own equipment.  Learn how to create innovative, creative projects for you and your family.  If you are a teacher, take advantage of the power of technology in all of your lessons.

Online or Onsite

Technology Mentorship

Phone: 250-545-8347 Cell: 250-503-7978

Learn at home how to get the most out of your home network.  Share files from one computer to another including Mac to PC and PC to Mac.


Are you wanting to know more about your computer and the applications on it?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Our mentorship program is based on an emergent onsite model where we come in and mentor you on your own equipment with your specific applications on any projects you are currently wanting to create for your family or your classroom.  If you need to know more about e-mail, or the Internet, or your onboard applications, we will walk you through the process at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Want to make Movies, Slideshows, Presentations??  We will help you learn how.

Don’t have time to build that wedding or field trip slideshow?  No worries!  We will build one for you.

Want to know more about FaceBook and other Web 2.0 sites?  We will walk you through the new generation of Web Applications.


Call!!  We can make a difference in student achievement using the tools of the 21st Century

Onsite or Online Mentorship

Sometimes both Macs and PCs end up with overloaded caches, corrupted RAM files, and applications that slow down or stop working completely.  If you have experienced these problems, our trained technicians can bring your machine back to an almost new state 

If it’s a hardware issue on your personal computer, our technicians are qualified to order and install the hardware required to get your machine up and running like new.

Clean Up and Repair

Students will flock to your projects with enthusiasm and motivation.  Students will go above and beyond their normal work output.

Taking our training will change the way teachers teach.They will present curriculum in new interesting ways that will motivate their students.

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